Shizuka Abe’s “17 LIVE” 4th gourmet introduction tour


Conducted at 17 LIVE on May 31!

Recommended gourmet plan this time

It was a special project of GW, but when I saw the posts from listeners, they said, “It looks delicious!” “I want to go!” Generally, they go to “gourmet” and “recommended places” every two weeks. I will.
What kind of tour would it be if the places listed were connected? So I will summarize it every time.

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The contents of the first session are here!

The second contents are here!

The contents of the third time is here!

This time, there were 5 places to introduce as a nationwide gourmet introduction.

Here is the content gathered.!

  1. Taguchi- from Awaji City, Hyogo Prefecture “PASTA Fresca DAN-MEN”.
  2. From me “Taiyo Steak House” in Uruma City, Okinawa Prefecture.
  3. “Soba restaurant Fukian” in Nakashibetsu-cho, Hokkaido from Hiro chan 1963
  4. From Katsumin131, “Karyudo” in Kurihara City, Miyagi Prefecture
  5. “Osu Gohei Mochi Shop” in Naka Ward, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture, from  Kobachan0226

Then, let’s try this tour again.
The theme is “How to use cheap airline tickets”.

Day 1 (Saturday)

Start from Sendai

The location of the store is Kurihara, so I will move to JR on the way.
Sendai 8:01 (Tohoku Main Line) Ishigoshi 9:30
Ishigoshi station square 9:35 (Kurihara Denen line) Kurikoma 10:12 Civic bus 100 yen
Kurihara citizen bus page is here!

Kuma soba by “Karyudo” who is particularly famous for bear dishes

Many customers come to this store for the bear meat that the owner of the bear shooter has caught.
You can eat bear soba and udon all year round without reservation, and you can request other dishes such as bear sashimi by making an inquiry reservation in advance.
In the summer, there are chilled bear soba and udon noodles, and it’s a style to eat with hot bear soup. It comes with rice, so it is recommended to add it to the remaining juice and eat.

Business hours 10:00 ~ 21:30
Regular holiday due to circumstances

(Bonus) Stop at Kuriden Museum

Kurikoma 12:15 (Kurihara Denen Line) Wakayanagi Nakamachi 12:44

If you continue connecting, you can use the IBEX airline to go to Chubu Centrair International Airport at a low cost if you have a train until June, but the time may change after July, so I decided to stay in Sendai and on the way. I sandwiched sightseeing.

If you walk a little from the bus stop, you will find the “Kuriden Museum”, which exhibits the “Kurihara Denen Railway,” which was abolished in 2007.
In addition to exhibiting the vehicles of the time, you can also ride a rail bike that runs on the rails of the time 900 meters one way.
*Experiences must be reserved by time.
All experience-based riding of diesel cars at that time was canceled in 2020.

Business hours 10:00-17:00
Regular holiday Tuesdays, year-end and New Year holidays
Admission: 510 yen for high school students and above 310 yen for elementary and junior high school students

For the English version, go to “Narukorin Vegetable Gelato”

Wakayanagi Nakamachi 15:41 (Kurihara Denen Line Bus) Ishikoshi Station 15:49
Ishigoshi 16:10 (Tohoku Main Line) Kogota 16:36
Kogota 16:48 (Rikuu East Line) Iketsuki 17:28

Iketsuki 18:14 (Rikuu East Line) Kogota 19:16
Kogota 19:20 (Tohoku Main Line) Sendai 20:06

(From Mr. Yama 1216)
Actually, it seems that this shop won the 4th Gelato Maestro Contest.
The shop is a 2-minute walk from Iketsuki Station.
It has a lot of vegetables and fruits, such as Caesar salad.
Business hours 10:00-18:00

Day 2 (Sunday)

Sendai Airport → Chubu International Airport → Osu Kannon

Travel using AirAsia.
Sendai 11:19 (Sendai Airport Access Line) Sendai Airport 11:48
Sendai Airport 13:05 (AirAsia) Chubu International Airport 14:20 10,150 yen
(With 25kg checked baggage)
It’s a long way to reach Terminal 2 of Chubu International Airport.

Arriving at Terminal 1
In case of ANA, these two flights were cheaper.
Sendai 10:55 (ANA362) Chubu International 12:15
Sendai 12:40 (ANA364) Chubu International 13:50 12,670 yen (with checked baggage)

Chubu International Airport 15:17 (Meitetsu Limited Express) Kanayama 15:49
Kanayama 15:59 (Subway Meijo Line) Kamiezu 16:03
Kamiezu 16:17 (Subway Tsurumai Line) Osu Kannon 16:19

Osu goheimochi shop

The shop is near Osu Kannon station, but I think that it will not change much in terms of time even if you get off at Kamimaezu station and walk through the arcade street, considering the transfer.

Gohei mochi is a major food in the Chubu region, but it has become more popular since it was introduced as a food symbolizing Gifu prefecture in the NHK series TV novel “Half, Blue.” Especially in Tono, Nakatsugawa and Ena. There are many shops.

The feature is that hard-cooked rice is baked in various shapes, but here it is recommended to compare walnut and red miso with Tono dumpling type.
One is 200 yen, but if you buy two, it will be 300 yen, and after that, 150 yen will be added for each.

The Shop Twitter

Business hours 11:30~19:00 (ends when sold out)
* Currently, it is a shortened business until 18:00.
Regular holiday Wednesday, Thursday

Day 3 (Monday)

Nagoya → Chubu International Airport → Naha Airport

Especially, the prices of Saturday and Sunday flights from summer to autumn are high, and the price does not change much even with LCC. Therefore, by Monday or Tuesday, you can move at the cheapest price even on the first flight in the morning. The Skymark is especially targeted.

Meitetsu Nagoya 7:00 (Meitetsu Rapid Express) Chubu International Airport 7:40
Chubu International 8:45 (Skymark 551) Naha 11:05 11,960 yen

Rent a car from Naha

Rent a car at Naha Airport

  • Since it takes about 10 minutes by car to carry out the procedure, it takes much longer than expected.
    On the way home, you may be addicted to the traffic jams in the city, so you need to allocate time with plenty of time.

There is a risk that it will be a little troublesome, but I will take a Yui rail and move to Omoromachi station.

In this case, there are many car rental companies right next to the station, and a duty-free shop (T Galleria Okinawa) is right next to it, making it convenient for shopping.

Taiyo Steakhouse

This is a golf course within the facilities of the US military base, where you can eat at the clubhouse. There is a red line in the parking lot, but please do not stop it as it is dedicated to the US military.
There are Japanese staff and Japanese menu.

I think you will arrive at the restaurant after 13:00, so I recommend a burger for lunch.
At $10 you get something like the above. The fried potatoes that come with it can be changed to mashed potatoes or salads. Add $2 for coffee and tea.

At dinner time, steaks like the one below are the main ones.
Anyway, unless you keep in mind that American size, it will be a serious problem. You can take back what you can’t eat (2016 experience).

Payments can now be made in Japanese Yen, but the cards are denominated in dollars.
You should also think about chips. (About 15% of accounting)

Click here for the homepage! (English)

business hours
Brunch (Weekends and Holidays) 7:00-15:00
Lunch (Monday-Friday) 10:30-15:00
Dinner (Wednesday-Sunday, but closed on public holidays) 18:00-21:00

Notes (dress code) Quoted from the website below

The standard Liberty Dress Code applies in this facility during the day. We thank you for your patronage and support as Taiyo Steakhouse introduces a new era of dining for Marines, Sailors and their families on Okinawa.

PROGRAM Evening Dress Code

In the interest of providing an unforgettable dining experience, we ask that all patrons honor the following dress code during evening hours. For ladies and gentlemen, preferred attire consists of jacket and/or collared-shirt or blouse, dress or skirt; dress trousers or slacks; and appropriate footwear. Parents should ensure their children are properly attired.

Out of respect for other patrons, individuals wearing jeans, beach or swimwear, t-shirts, flip-flops, shorts, athletic wear or similar attire will not be served. We thank you for your patronage and support as Marine Corps Community Services introduces a new era of dining for Marines, Sailors and their families on Okinawa.

Accommodation in the Koza area of Okinawa City

In Okinawa City, Koza may be better as the name suggests.
There is a US military base nearby, and the culture of Okinawa and the United States is well mixed, and there are many live houses.
Especially in Okinawa, there is a tendency to start bustling after 23:00, so the last live house of my own music will start at 3:05.
Since there are many people who sing and talk, maybe they can sing on stage depending on their actions?
The map points to a shop called Folk Village, and there are many lodging places (guest houses and hotels) nearby.


She might sing around in a live house with one guitar.

Day 4 (Tuesday)

Naha Airport → Kobe Airport → Awaji Island Higashiura Bus Terminal

It takes about 30 minutes by car from Okinawa City to Omoromachi Station, and after returning, head to Naha Airport by Yui Rail.
The return flight will use Skymark again.

Naha Airport 12:20 (Skymark 594) Kobe Airport 14:20 Now advantageous 7,920 yen
Take the port liner to Sannomiya.
Kobe Airport 14:47 (Port Liner) Sannomiya 15:05
Sannomiya Station 15:20 (JR Bus) Higashiura Bus Terminal 16:27

In the case of the same 596 flight departing from Naha Airport at 15:20, arrive at Higashiura Bus Terminal at 19:25
From there you can reach the gourmet place in about 20 minutes by car.



It’s a full-fledged Italian restaurant that makes use of seasonal ingredients from Awaji Island, and the dishes that use Awaji Mengyo’s pasta, right next to it, are especially recommended.
There are about 30 types of pasta alone, and due to the abundance of ingredients, there is a variety that you will never get tired of throughout the year.
Awaji Mengyo has recovered the crisis of business closure with raw pasta and has a track record of over 110 years since its establishment.
The store homepage is here!
Regular holiday Thursday
Business hours 11:00 to 15:00, 17:00 to 21:30 (L.o 20:30)

From Higashiura Bus Terminal to Kobe Sannomiya

From the shop, head to Higashiura Bus Terminal and take the bus to Sannomiya.
Higashiura BT 20:05 (bus Oiso) Sannomiya Station 20:58 950 yen
If you come by Skymark flight 596
Higashiura BT 22:25 (Bus Oiso) Sannomiya Station 23:18
I will stay at Sannomiya.

Day 5 (Wednesday)

Take a high-speed boat from Sannomiya to Kansai Airport and take a peach to Kushiro

On this day, we will use a high-speed boat connecting Kobe Airport and Kansai Airport.
Sannomiya 7:30 (port liner) 7:48 Kobe Airport
Kobe Airport 8:00 (High-speed ship) Kansai Airport 8:31 → Arrival at Airport Terminal 8:40 by shuttle bus

The easiest way to get there is by bus, but since it is necessary to take into account the traffic congestion on the Hanshin Expressway, it is safer to contact by sea. The timetable of the bus is as follows, but it doesn’t go far.
Sannomiya Station 7:20 (limousine bus) Kansai Airport 8:35

Airplanes definitely choose peach.
Kansai Airport 9:50 (Peach 125) Kushiro Airport 11:50 9,640 yen (basic package)

Drive to “Soba Fukian” in Nakashibetsu

Since there are no legs as expected, it will be a tour car.
We assume that we will have a lunch break at Yamahana Spa Refre and then head for dinner.

The recommendation here is “Pork cutlet soba with grated radish”, commonly known as “Bukkatsu”
The buckwheat noodles are Sarashina soba, grated radish and vegetables are added on top, and even this is a big fresh fried cutlet.
Eat the soba sauce from the top with brilliance! (The first photo is taken by Hiro chan 1963)
Various other menus were found. Milky curry…

Business hours 11:00~20:00
Regular holiday due to circumstances

I think it’s good to return to her parents’ house in Kushiro after a long time.


This time, there were so many places, so I tried to combine it with a cheap ticket, but if you look at only the ticket, you can ride 4 times and save for about 40,000 yen.
Maybe the first Okinawa will come true on this tour, right? !